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One of your Bare Town Councillors - Paula  

Paula Ross-Clasper
New Member

Hello All!

I've lived in Morecambe for fourteen years now and the area for twenty.  No, I'm not a 'sand grown un', but I do have a strong affinity with this area because I chose this area as my home.  Many reading this will be in the same position.  This area is a truly beautiful place and I feel privileged to live here.

I am new to local politics - been a bit of a steep learning curve!  Some of the curves I could have done without.  Anyway, I am now representing you as an independent (not a MBI).  This in no way reduces my ability to support the community and there is much support and good advice I can call upon if I am not sure about anything. 

I believe in self reliance where ever possible, community support is there for the bits we can't do on our own and that is important.  Community is the safety net, the added value, our neighbours who stop us feeling lonely and the group of people who when they do come together can make amazing things happen.  Council are no replacement for community - in fact I would say the opposite.  Nothing is as effective as a community mobilsing to a common cause.  My job is to help and facilitate that.  So I am hear to help if I can.  But I'm not Wonder Woman!  (not with these knees!).

Best Wishes


Posted : 06/07/2020 9:35 pm
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